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    “Passion Means Performance”
    Susie is Your Authority on Passion

    Motivation, Inspiration … with a Touch of Humor
    Susie specializes in helping individuals tap into their unique gifts, talents and abilities. She then guides them into the kind of environment in which they will thrive. As a result they make more money than they ever thought they would or could.

  • Coaching for Career Planning


    Retool, rethink, and relax.  Don’t waste time … Use it!
    Susie take’s a different direction in helping motivated job seekers and would-be entrepreneurs in rethinking their career path. If you are ready to discover the importance of having purpose in your career, join me for a fresh look at your life and your career.

    Coaching for Career Planning

“Career seekers can get pickier.”–Carol Kleiman, Chicago Tribune

“Cash in on the Passion” is truly a gem. Read it, apply its principles, and you will discover your gifts and realize your dreams.” –Ruben Gonzalez, Three-time Olympian, Keynote Speaker, and Author of The Courage to Succeed

“As a 10th degree black belt (less than 100 in the world) and having been inducted into both the black belt and motivational speakers hall of fame, I have heard many speakers and read hundreds of books! Susie Mathews has done incredible work on "Cash in on the Passion!" You'll find the book refreshing and liberating. Susie speaks from her heart and thus she reaches your heart, not just your head. She is compassionate, witty, thought provoking and supportive. If you want more out of your personal and professional life, purchase and read her book ASAP. You will be glad that you did!”–Dr Stan "BreakThrough" Harris, 10th Degree Black Belt Champion

“This book is a real winner! Reminding us of the simple truth that ‘when we do what we love and love what we do, we’ll have success – our whole life through.’ A must read for anyone who’s ever wanted more out of life.”–Gregory Scott Reid, #1 Best Selling Author/Speaker

“This is the most powerful, realistic and practical book on discovering your true road to riches you will ever read. It is loaded with ideas, insights and strategies that will change your way of thinking forever!”–Mick Moore, "The Internet Oracle"

"Susie Mathews discovered her own true calling the hard way; now, she is showing others how to avoid the delays, depressions and denials. Many people have written about the path to discovering true purpose and life's passion, but here is someone who not only talks about it, but provides you with practical tools to better understand yourself, your world, and your future. Open this book with a pencil in one hand and self-confidence in your heart."–Steven E, Creator of the best-selling book series, "Wake Up . . . Live the Life You Love”