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Don’t you Want Your Team
“Hitting on all Cylinders?”


Passion Ultimately Means Performance

But Did You Know …

A recent Employee Engagement Survey by The Gallup Organization Revealed …

  • 19% of U.S. employees work against organizational objectives
  • 55% work only to collect a paycheck
  • Only 26% come to work to make a difference 

As a result

74% of US Employees are Disengaged

Let Me Help Unlock the Winning Performance of Your Organization

A Recent Wharton School of Business Study …

followed companies on the 100 Best Places to Work list for seven years. They found these companies with highly engaged employees posted returns averaging 14% compared to returns of only 6% per year for the overall market.

Don’t You Want Your Team “Hitting on All Cylinders”?


Retool, rethink, and relax. Don’t waste time … Use it!

Susie take’s a different direction in helping your employees become a well-tuned, high-performance team.

Are you ready to discover the impact of having a high horse-powered team that contributes to the overall success of your organization?

Susie’s practical and easy to use techniques translates into superior:

  • Productivity
  • Decision Making
  • Innovation
  • Economic Performance

All while achieving:

  • Less Absenteeism
  • Less Turnover
  • And Higher Job Satisfaction